Some Stunning Anniversary Gifts for Couples



Q1.What gift for the first wedding anniversary for a couple?

Ans. Ideal gifts for the first wedding anniversary for a couple can be a white marble look Laxmi Ganesh murti statue, a hand-carved wooden flower photo frame, a feng shui pair of owl statues, a teal green pair of deer feng shui statue figurines, and many more can be a thoughtful and best anniversary gifts for couples.

Q2.What gift for a marriage anniversary couple?

Ans. Perfect marriage anniversary gifts for a couple can be a black pair of duck Feng Shui statues, an abstract lady face hand-eye sculpture, a black golden elephant family statue figurine showpiece sculpture, or a golden pair of duck fengshui statue figurines. 

Q3. Are a pair of Elephants a good gift for a 25th wedding anniversary?

Ans. Of course, it is! Elephants are strong symbols of security and prosperity and hence can be considered to be great choices for 25th-anniversary gifts.

Q4. Can a Durga Idol be gifted on its 50th Anniversary?

Ans. Yes, you can surely gift a Durga idol for the 50th anniversary. The reason being that it will bring more good luck and strong marriage for the couple.

Q5. Can I give Lakshmi and Ganapati idols during festival times?

Ans. It is best to avoid gifting Ganapati and Lakshmi idols on festivals. However, you can definitely gift it on anniversaries and birthdays.

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