The Ram Lalla Murti of Ayodhya: The History and Symbolism



Q1. Is the Shree Ram Lalla Murti jewellery real?

Ans. Yes, the Shri Ram Lalla Murti Jewellery is real and has been made by Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers in Lucknow.

Q2. What stone is Shree Ram Llla Murti made of?

Ans. The Shri Ram Lalla Murti has been made from Shaligram stone.

Q3. What is the Ram Lalla Murti Price in Ayodhya?

Ans. There is no price released for the cost of Ram Lalla Murti Ayodhya and as such it is considered to be priceless.

Q4. Who built the great Shree Ram Lalla Murti?

Ans. Shri Ram Lalla Murti was built by Arun Yogiraj of Karnataka.

Q5. Why is the Shree Ram Lalla Murti black in colour?

Ans. It is because it is made up of Nellikaru stone, which is a representation of the colour of Lord Krishna.

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