7 gorgeous Traditional Indian Wall Decor Ideas you Need



Q1. Where to find traditional Indian Wall Decor items?

Ans.You can find traditional Indian Wall Decor across online stores, and even in handcrafted markets that are present in and around Delhi, and other states.

Q2. What does traditional Indian Wall Decor items mean?

Ans. Traditional Indian Wall Decor mostly means items that have been developed indigenously and are handcrafted.

Q3. Are traditional Indian Wall Decor very expensive?

Ans. It depends. When it comes to Indian wall decor, it can be affordable or expensive depending on your choice. Some traditional Indian Wall Decor items like Mughal paintings, are expensive but terracotta wind chimes are not.

Q4. How to differentiate traditional Indian Wall Decor from normal wall decor?

Ans. Most handcrafted metal, wood and marble work are done by indigenous workers. So these Indian wall decor items are mostly made in India.

Q5. What is the best place to find traditional Indian Wall Decor?

Ans. You should definitely visit handcrafted mela and fairs organised by the government to look for traditional Indian Wall Decor. Also you can find a few of them at the ThreadVibe Living website and other online stores.

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