Wedding Items Ideas for New Couples



Q1. Is it okay to add photo frames as wedding decorations?

Ans. Of course it is! Photo frames serve as great wedding decoration items because of its ability to hold dear memories for the couples. You can hang it in the walls of your homes, and flaunt all your favourite memories.

Q2. Can I give photo frames as return gift items for wedding?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely consider photo frames as wedding items that can be given away as gifts. These frames are classic and antique and will be great for gift items for wedding guests. These wedding items are also affordable if you are considering wedding decor items wholesale.

Q3. What can be a good return gift items for wedding?

Ans. When it comes to gift items for wedding guests, always consider something that can be of value to the guests. Like statues of gods and goddesses or items of Feng Shui. These are always great ideas for gift items for wedding.

Q4. Is it okay to gift religious statues as gift items for wedding?

Ans. Religious statues are good choices as wedding items in Indian weddings. This is because they are symbols of peace, wealth and prosperity and can bring good luck to the bearer. Hence, they will be good ideas for return gift items for wedding.

Q5. What are the best gift items for wedding?

Ans. The best gift items for wedding are wedding items that can be of use to the couple. This can be anything from home decor items to kitchen items.

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